Updates to current SCAA certificate holders

Recently the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) merged together to become the new Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), a few things related to your current SCAA certifications you may take note.

Graduates or certificate holders of the SCAA Barista Pathway Level 1 will be equivalent to having completed and certified in 4 Foundation Courses (or Level A) in the subject areas of Barista, Brewing, Sensory, and Green Coffee under the new unified SCA education system. Under this new system (to be available beginning July 2017), you can advance directly to:

– SCA Barista Intermediate (or Level B)
– SCA Brewing Intermediate (or Level B)
– SCA Sensory Intermediate (or Level B)
– SCA Green Coffee Intermediate (or Level B)
More details or FAQs on the updates of this new unified system can be found at the following official sites:
Pathway Certificates will be honored in the unified SCA education program. See this chart for further information on your next educational steps. View Next Steps Chart
All SCAA Level 1 certificates holders are awarded the following certificates in the new program by virtue of the SCAA Foundations of Coffee Classes which were class requirements for all SCAA certificates: Brewing Foundation, Sensory Foundation and Green Coffee Foundation.
Once again in specialty coffee education we encourage you to never stop learning!