CQI Q Arabica Grader

Q Arabica Grader – by Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). A CQI Q Arabica Grader is an individual who is credentialed by the CQI to grade and score coffees utilizing standards developed by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

Q-Arabica-Grader_OL_transparentCurrently, there are no formal requirements to enroll. However, the Q Grader Exam is not a course for inexperienced or new cuppers; it is an advanced level course. Normally this course is a combo training and exam course which comprises 3 days training followed by 3 days of examinations.

The course for becoming a Q Arabica Grader prepares participants for for the 22 tests they must pass to become a certified Q Grader. The tests relate to an individual’s ability to accurately and consistently cup and grade coffee according to SCAA cupping and grading standards and protocols, including a thorough understanding of the SCAA cupping form.

A student who passes these 22 tests is given a professional license as a Q Grader. This license must be renewed every 3 years by attending a Q Grader calibration to ensure the Q Grader is up-to-date.