Barista Pathway

Barista Pathways Level 1 & Level 2 are endorsed by the Barista Guild of America. They are powerful steps forward as you pursue a meaningful career in specialty coffee.

With two levels of dynamic content the Barista Pathway presents a series of classes designed to accelerate a student’s professional trajectory with world-recognized instruction in espresso and espresso drink preparation, equipment operation and customer service. Upon completion, graduates have established a set of skills that are immediately relevant and ready to enhance the workforce in any coffee bar operation with a focus on high-level, high-quality execution to the standards and best practices.

Barista Pathway Level 1 graduates must complete the Barista Code of Conduct to earn their certificate, as well as the following classes and exams:

  • Foundations of Coffee
  • Espresso and Milk Steaming Fundamentals Part 1 (CP101)
  • Espresso and Milk Steaming Fundamentals Part 2 (CP102)
  • EXM_BW1 Written Exam
  • EXM_BP1 Practical Exam