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2013 Best New Product

2013 Best New Product


2013 SCAA Event Best New Product Winners Announced

Winner of People’s Choice Best New Product—Open Class—SCAA 2013

Cupping Lab is an award-winning, powerful cupping app for coffee professionals. It is the perfect companion for cupping, which supports both formal or daily coffee tasting via its beautiful yet professional interface. It can be used in cupping sessions for grading, education, competitions and Q exams.

CuppingLab-IconIt’s now available for both android and iPhone, get your CUPPING LAB now …

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SCAA International Education Partnership

As of June 1, 2013, the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) will be conducting all knowledge tests for their Certificate programs in a secure online format. This exciting new digital system will allow for easier participant access to tests as well as faster turnaround times for reporting of results and awarding of credits and Certificates. The new online format will also allow participants all over the world, even those that cannot attend events, to take SCAA knowledge tests when it is convenient for them in the comfort of their own home or business. The tests will automatically be available in 39 languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, and Italian to better serve our growing international student base.

Participants will be required to have access to a computer that has internet and a working webcam. All tests will be monitored by a live remote professional proctor. A webcam is required to allow the proctor to monitor participants during testing. Skills tests requiring practical assessment on equipment will not be affected. Practical tests will be delivered on-site at future SCAA events and trainings.  Please see for the most up-to-date offering of practical tests.

Ellie Matuszak, SCAA’s Director of Professional Development, commented, “SCAA professional development programs depend on member feedback and continuous innovation in order to provide the most relevant and impactful programs that help our members advance individual company goals, creating a more vibrant and healthy industry. This initiative represents the culmination of years of member feedback, research, and negotiation. SCAA is thrilled to take this very important step.”