CQI Q Robusta Grader

Q Robusta Grader – by Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). A CQI Q Robusta Grader is an individual who is credentialed by the Coffee Quality Institute to grade and score coffees utilizing standards developed by the CQI in partnership with the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA).  The course for becoming a Q Robusta Grader is an intensive review of the cupping and grading protocols required of a certified R Grader combined with a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s ability to consistently cup and grade green Robusta coffee.Robusta_Grader_Color

If you wish to become a Licensed Q Robusta Grader, you need to take a full Q Robusta Grader Exam consisting of 22 tests. The course structure is the same as the Q Grader Exam, but with different characteristics and tests. There are no prerequisites, but just as the Q Arabica Exam, we highly recommend you have a strong familiarity with the cupping process, cupping form, and experience with robustas. Upon passing the Q Robusta Grader Exam, the student will receive a professional certification credential that must be renewed every 3 years by attending a Q Grader calibration to make sure the Q Grader is up-to-date.